Skiing the Way We Like It

Baie-Saint-Paul is synonym of many things. Good food. Landscapes so unique that we have no choice but to paint them. Beautiful people, enthusiasts. Accommodations that make us feel like home, while taking us out of the house. A rich culture. Thriving businesses. Activities that move. Ski.


Located 20 km from the city, discover the Massif de Charlevoix: the mountain where the joys of winter come to life. At the top, the pleasure begins with a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River, the excitement of descending the slopes is already here. Up the mountain, there are two restaurants. The Camp Boule Buvette de montagne offers dishes concocted by chef David Forbes, who cooks meals full of flavors with the best products from the region. You will also find a second type of restaurant offering both an à la carte menu and a recurring basic menu. Without forgetting the Grand Duc, the famous bar where the after-ski is celebrated in style with an electrifying atmosphere and good beer. At the bottom of the slopes, the experience continues with a second chalet in which skiers can enjoy more simplified lunches, but in an atmosphere that is just as inviting and warm. There is also the Café-boutique Forêt Gourmande, for a taste experience that is off the beaten track: food, drinks and coffees prepared from local wild plants. Eating well is also part of the skiing experience here. Of course, between these two chalets, you will experience unforgettable moments skiing on slopes freshly dressed in their white coat.


Skiing and snowboarding are not the only sports practiced at the Massif de Charlevoix. Discover tobogganing or night tobogganing, hiking, off-piste skiing, cross-country skiing or even simple cable car rides and enjoy the wonders of the mountains just as much.


The fun does not stop here, on the contrary. Events, there are all year long! During the winter, after-ski parties follow one another. Various groups and DJs give lively shows at the summit chalet, piano brunches take place at Camp Boule Buvette de montagne and Santa Claus even comes for a ride in the mountains in December. To find out the full schedule of upcoming events, click here:


Come warm up your winter in Baie-Saint-Paul and at the Massif de Charlevoix!

Picture : @alain_blanchette

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