A Perfect Saturday in Baie-Saint-Paul

Planning on stopping in Baie-Saint-Paul for a day? We offer you some ideas to stay busy in our beautiful city. There is something for everyone in Baie-Saint-Paul, just let yourself be carried away by the moment and choose activities that are fun to you.


Let’s go ! To start the day off right, you absolutely need a good cup of coffee. To taste a rich artisanal coffee roasted in the region, stop by Café Charlevoix, Brûlerie Artisanale. Certainly, you will be charmed! Take the opportunity to stock up on coffee by purchasing your beans directly on site. Small suggestion: to enjoy your coffee in a unique way, go to the Baie-Saint-Paul wharf and take the time to observe the ice moving on the St-Laurent River. A magnificent spectacle that takes place in the spring when the ice melts.


You are now ready to explore the city, heading for the Gouffre Trail. A few meters from downtown Baie-Saint-Paul, near rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, we find the start of the 7-kilometer trail. The trail runs along the Gouffre river and ends near the Le Genévrier campsite. A short walk to freshen up your body and mind is always a good idea.


After having spending all this energy, inevitably hunger arises. There is no shortage of possibilities for an impromptu dinner in Baie-Saint-Paul. We therefore suggest a stop at À Chacun Son Pain bakery. They make delicious take-out, quick and efficient so you don’t waste a minute of your busy Saturday. For dessert, indulge yourself with one of their delicious pastries. A busy afternoon is waiting for you!

Next stop is the Baie-Saint-Paul Contemporary Art Museum, where you can admire several creations. We fell in love with one of the current exhibitions: the one by multidisciplinary artist Mathieu Valade, his works are inspired by reality, but rather plunge us into fictional and illusory universes. From still life to portrait, his works come to life in the museum’s exhibition space. Do not hesitate to inquire before your visit on their website.


To end this busy day on a high note, now is the perfect time to pick up your pre-ordered meal from Le Diapason bistro. Cuisine inspired by Alsace, the meals offered at the bistro will certainly satisfy you and as a bonus, make you travel. Now, head to your hotel to enjoy this delicious meal. For the rest of the evening, relaxation in sight, this is the perfect time to rest.




Photos @colin.r__photo @chacunsonpainGîte entre Ciel et Terre.

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