Baie-Saint-Paul is Firmly Fommitted to Green Development ‒ and Very Proud of it!

Le Festif! de Baie-Saint-Paul is an innovative festival with a zero waste goal. The Recyc-Québec initiative of portable drinking water stations means festival-goers can fill up their reusable glasses and bottles. Throughout the festival, food surpluses are donated to regional community centres. 


And that’s not all! In 2019 Baie-Saint-Paul also adopted a policy that protects its night skies (DSP/Dark Sky Preserve). “Here we still have the opportunity to enjoy our starry skies. It’s a precious treasure everyone should preserve, a cultural heritage that must be passed down to future generations,” stated Mayor Jean Fortin.


And because we’re so proud of these initiatives that aim to protect our territory for tomorrow’s generations, during their stay we encourage visitors to join our community effort, in each of these easy stepss: 

  • Not too big and not too small, our town is planned and developed in such a way as to be explorable via active transportation. On foot or by bike, its landscapes unfurl gently, leaving room for creativity, as Baie-Saint-Paul well knows. Simply drop your car off at one of several downtown parking lots, and set out to explore its streets and trails.
  • The bay is beautiful because it is untouched, preserved. Help preserve its purity by respecting its cleanliness. Limit waste by avoiding single-use plastics, and by sorting your trash into the proper bins. No bins in sight? Bag your garbage and take it with you until you find some.
  • The cradle of locavorism, it’s the perfect place to enjoy local resources! Ride around meeting our vegetable producers and breeders, fill up your cooler and savour Charlevoix’s magical flavours. Take advantage of our local artisans’ savoir-faire and bring home some unforgettable goodies, perfect mementos of your visit.


A vibrant city, all year long