Celebrating Family Living

At Parc Saint-Aubin, you’ll find our soccer pitch, basketball and tennis courts, cycling and fitness trail, kids’ playpark and water games, BMX and skateboard park. At Parc du Gouffre, you’re drawn in by the charm of the river, picnic tables and outdoor firepits for roasting marshmallows after a swim. On the play modules over at le Boisé du Quai and along the riverside trails, the gentle river breeze tussles our children’s hair. 


For neighbouring families, the playground has no limits and on the beach at low tide is where lovely stories are invented. In clay up to our calves, sticks and pails in hand, we reconnect with our inner child seeking summer adventure. 


While Katabatik offers a range of river excursions including kayaking down Rivière du Gouffre, why not discover farm life on an edutour, at Ferme Marie-Noëlle Beaulieu… 

On foot, meander your way through the downtown core with your kids and plan a few foodie stopovers too. Drop in le Mousse Café for a family board game over smoothies and cupcakes, relax on Catherine Méra’s patio with a slushie and delicious macarons, or pop into Arômes et Saveurs for a chocolate-dipped cone or two or three bags of candy to tuck into your luggage. 


For a simply magical evening, count on Ciné dans l’pré for an old fashionbed drive-in movie experience or hit the road and head for one of the backcountry’s many sideroads, seeking that elusive sunset. 


There’s only one family rule here in Baie-Saint-Paul: toss those restricitive itineraries to the wind and cultivate your creativity! Here everything’s possible!

A vibrant city, all year long