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Baie-Saint-Paul, you are breathtaking! Your ecosystem, your ardor, your little colorful side, the humans who inhabit you and who unite to make you shine at your true value; everything is there to impress us! Every time you set foot here, it’s like being transported somewhere else. Everything is more colorful, joyful, distinguished, simply beautiful and so inspiring. It’s not complicated, in Baie-Saint-Paul, all roads lead to a work of art.


Few cities can say they have art on every street corner, but Baie-Saint-Paul, yes. Just take rue Ambroise-Fafard and then turn off onto the mythical rue St-Jean-Baptiste to see what happens. A single kilometer will be enough to allow you to cross nearly twenty art galleries and museums, all as impressive as each other.


Take the time to stop there and contemplate the work of artists from the area or elsewhere. Come meet them and talk to them. You will get to know some of them through painting while for others it will be through sculpture or drawing. They are passionate about art, but they are first and foremost fascinating and friendly humans, always ready to steal a little chat. Come and see them one Sunday a month at the cultural crossroads Paul-Médéric. They will be there with their works that you can even get on site. It’s a great way to bring a little part of Baie-Saint-Paul home while encouraging them.


For the ones who are wondering how artists create these little gems, don’t miss the open house at the Center de production en art culturel Les Ateliers. In October, they open the doors of their universe to you and give you access to this famous place where magic operates with great brushstrokes.

Otherwise, throughout the year you can visit the art galleries that are part of the enchanting decor of Baie-Saint-Paul. Stop at each of them, they are worth seeing and are all unique. Whether through the canvases and paintings integrated into the decor of the ancestral Maison de René Richard, through the range of original paintings exhibited at the Beauchamp Art Gallery or even through the little-known universe of the Franciscans of Marie and the impressive Mother House where their story was written; let yourself be surprised!


The Baie-Saint-Paul museum is also worth a visit, they are on your way too. Above all, you should not miss your chance to visit the Musée d’art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul (MACBSP). Inaugurated in 1992, it is a work of art in itself. Recognized for its architecture which nods to its history of the past and which harmonizes perfectly with the church facing it, it will impress you without a doubt. Let’s not forget its elegant facade and its very large rooms, such as the Françoise-Labbé Pavilion and the Jacques Saint-Gelais Tremblay Pavilion. The Symposium, a world-renowned event has been taking place in this second for a few years. Thirteen artists from here and around the world are invited to paint contemporary works live for a few days. This is an event you can’t miss. However, you don’t have to wait for this event to learn about contemporary art, since paintings by both emerging and renowned artists can be found there all year long. So you have no excuse not to stop there.


Baie-Saint-Paul has the art of impressing and not leaving people who stop there indifferent. The artists have traced a colorful and grandiose path for you, all you have to do is follow it.


Picture :  @emilek23 on Instagram

A vibrant city, all year long