On the Road of Tasty Alcoholic Products in Baie-Saint-Paul

We can associate Baie-Saint-Paul with several terms: river, mountain, local products and relaxation. Now let’s add to this list the term: alcohol. Yes, yes, Baie-Saint-Paul has nothing to envy anyone. It is overflowing with local and artisanal alcohol producers who offer superior quality products. It is time to introduce them to you, to share their history with you and above all, to introduce you to their products, which are as tasty as they are original. As you pass through the region, take the time to stop by and meet the producers, they will be happy to let you taste their products.




Discover the Omerto vineyard: did you know that it is possible to make wine with tomatoes? You read that right, tomatoes. This original wine made from a secret recipe that has been passed down for 4 generations is bottled in Baie-Saint-Paul. Of course, the recipe has been adapted to the territory and the climate, but also according to the different varieties of tomatoes from Quebec. After several years and several unsuccessful attempts, it is now possible to taste two distinct products that highlight 6 varieties of ancestral tomatoes: the dry omerto, with a peppery and dry taste, and the delicious omerto, with a fruity and floral taste. What versatility these tomatoes!




On the land of the Dufour family (the famous family that makes the incredible Migneron cheese), there are 14 000 vine plants with which are made artisanal wines and agricultural spirits that deserve to be known. In their tanks, you can find rosé, white and sparkling wines. No waste! They collect all the materials they can to transform it. It is with the whey, the whey in their cheese, that they produce an eau-de-vie and with the grape marc that they produce spirits, including a gin. A must stop, to the Maurice Dufour cheese dairy to discover all their good products!

La Cidrerie & Vergers Pednault 


Almost everyone knows the products of the Cidrerie & Vergers Pednault! The cider house has been a flagship of Isle-aux-Coudres since 1918. While in Baie-Saint-Paul, be sure to stop by their shop, which is located on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Street. From generation to generation, they produce ciders, ice ciders, sparkling ciders, mistelles and cream. You would think they have an endless variety of alcoholic products! Several essentials are to be tried including pear cider and plum cider, but also their mistelle. Besides, do you want to know the difference between a cider and a mistelle? You’ve come to the right place, just ask. They will be happy to explain the differences between the two products and their respective production to you.


Microbrasserie Charlevoix 


In the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul is the Microbrasserie de Charlevoix, established in 1998. This is where the region’s brewers let their imaginations run wild and create tasty craft beers. Moreover, it is to the Microbrasserie de Charlevoix that we owe the famous beers La Flacatoune and Blanche de Charlevoix. A few years ago, they even enlarged their installation to be more efficient and better meet the growing demand for their beers. Several great products to try!

The fertile lands of the region spoil us and the local artisans know how to transform the raw materials into tasty products. Take the opportunity to feast and buy local !

Photos : @microbrasseriecharlevoix & @charlevoyou


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