Plan Your Own Bicycle Rideshare Tour!

Start at the Maison Mère service point and explore the old convent grounds, picking up a few supplies at the Mousse Café before you set out. 

Start by riding down the nun’s lovely laneway lined with mature trees that connects the convent to Baie-Saint-Paul beach. In the 20th century and until today, this verdant lane was the daily pilgrimage of the Little Franciscans of Mary. Everyone is free to enjoy this lovely gateway to fresh air and sprawling fields, here in the bay’s valley.

Past the Little Franciscans’ cemetery, turn left into the Boisé du quai forest. This singular maintained forest in the middle of the fields is flanked by the beach, and is a peaceful refuge for locals. With a fair number of tree species, pedal along with the salty sea air in your nostrils, and do stop to admire the giant stand of pines and be touched by the immensity that surrounds you.

You guessed it, the beach is close by! Exit the Boisé du Quai forest in front of the Habitat 07 ecobuilding, ride along the boardwalk leading straight to Baie-Saint-Paul pier. Hungry? Restaurant Le Diapason has its food wagon near the beach. Order a shrimp guédille and sink your teeth into it, toes dug deep in the sand, eyes on the horizon.

Once you’re ready to get going again, hop in the saddle and ride up rue Sainte-Anne, lined with ancestral homes and historical architecture. If you wish, stop at le Mouton Noir for an apéro or drop your bike off at the church service point, and explore rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste on foot! 

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