The Museums and Art Galleries Welcome You

At the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul lies a world of infinite inspiration and talent. Its streets are filled with a myriad of art galleries and museums, attesting to the transcendent creativity that animates its community. Take a stroll through the streets and discover, with each step, a rich cultural universe that distinguishes itself throughout the country.


As the birthplace of a deeply rooted heritage, the city imparts its passion to you through a wide variety of artistic expressions that resonate with both the local population and visitors. Exhibitions, paintings, sculptures, events, performances, and much more await you all year round. Baie-Saint-Paul immerses you in its enriching history and allows you to savor art in its most inspiring forms.


Educational tours, heritage preservation, gallery and art boutique circuits, museum trails, cultural development, entertaining programming—here, culture is present everywhere and all the time!


Wondering what to do today? Begin your day by exploring the Museum of Contemporary Art, followed by a stop at one of our numerous art galleries. Then, enjoy a moment at the Paul-Médéric Cultural Hub, which perfectly reflects the city’s dynamism. Finish your itinerary beautifully with a visit to the Cheese Économusée, where you can savor fresh products while experiencing a unique angle of the culture.


Let your creative spirit be tempted. Nourish it with the artistic vitality that Baie-Saint-Paul has to offer. Regardless of your interests or age, our destination has the art of pleasing.


Photo credit: Museum of Contemporary Art




A vibrant city, all year long