Andréanne Guay

Passionate about catering, Andréanne co-founded the Faux-Bergers and La Louve – Buvette gentille, both restaurants located in Baie-Saint-Paul. Originally from a small village in Lac-Saint-Jean, she has found her place here.

Why did you choose catering? For all the “incredible human contacts, exchanges, and relationships”. They created the Louve – Buvette gentille in a spirit of inclusion for both locals and tourists. Their dream was for the restaurant to be a place for meetings, discussions, exchanges and accessible to all … all this, around a good wine of private import. Of course, behind these great ideas: “It’s a real teamwork that we do. If I were alone serving the food, it wouldn’t work. It would miss the products, the cooks and the whole ecosystem that runs a restaurant. Our restaurants are like Baie-Saint-Paul, it’s a community. We are interdependent, we need several people so that our restaurants are at their full potential, like our city ”.


They also wanted the soul of the restaurant to be the community. So they invited artisans from the region to make designs all over the restaurant … right down to the bathroom. In addition, they work with 90% local products, made here by producers here and in season: “You don’t have to go far to find fabulous products that will be on our plates. In fact, we can’t wait for it to be common to use Charlevoix products, for it to be so widespread that we no longer need to include in our menus that the products come from Charlevoix. Rather than the opposite, we should list the origin of non-Charlevoix products on our menus. This is one of our little fantasies as foodies “.


What inspires you about Baie-Saint Paul? It’s simple: “when you come to Baie-Saint-Paul, you absolutely have to taste the products of the producers, explore the mountains, experience the Festif shows and watch the changing sky and its colors… We quickly understand why so many people decide to settle here and it is the best way to discover the region ”. For her, Baie-Saint-Paul is an ensemble that must be truly appreciated and discovered.

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