Francis Gagnon

With a camera in hand, Francis is always outdoors, exploring the world and searching for the perfect shot.

Francis Gagnon is a talented photographer who grew up in Baie-Saint-Paul. He specializes in nature and art photography. Having grown up in the Charlevoix crater, he had a childhood enriched by long hikes in nature, which turned a simple hobby into a career.

Francis Gagnon’s favorite subjects are nocturnal and winter landscapes. He is deeply inspired by landscapes and enjoys showcasing the vastness of nature. In Baie-Saint-Paul, he loves hiking and discovering hidden waterfalls and rivers. The St. Lawrence River and the Bay are a true inspiration for him. “It’s magnificent from up there, you can see the whole village. We just had to get out of the car, cross the railway track, and the town and the bay were right before our eyes. “Phew! There’s a wave today.”

Francis doesn’t hesitate to get his knees wet to capture the best possible photo. Come and be inspired by the different views of Baie-Saint-Paul.

Francis is an inspiration. Visit his website at You can also find him on Facebook at and on Instagram at

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