Michaël Pilote

Michaël Pilote is one of our people; the Baie-Saint-Pauloise community saw him grow. His city, he loves it. Since he was little, he has been involved and gives his time to make it shine.

Michaël Pilote is a guy from here; the Baie-Saint-Pauloise community saw him grow. This city, he loves it. Since he was little, he has been involved and gives his eveything to make it shine. From student council in elementary school to president of his high school, he has brought his people together to accomplish great things.

He then offered his precious services for nearly fifteen years to the organization Ambulance Saint-Jean. His listening and his determination propelled him to the direction of the organization. You will understand that Michaël Pilote has Baie-Saint-Paul tattooed on his heart. It was therefore logical for him to bring a breath of fresh air to the municipal council as head of recreation when the opportunity presented itself five years ago. And…one thing lead to another…he became mayor of Baie Saint-Paul.

It was on November 7, 2021 that he decided to take the plunge and become the spokesperson, the representative, the captain of the city he cherishes so much by taking up the torch from Mr. Fortin. It is quite an honor for him to represent the population; his population ; which he has always been a part of. He takes the reins of the city ready to lead the 7373 Baie-Saint-Paulois towards a BSP that will make them even prouder. For him, that’s all that matters. After all, “Baie-Saint-Paul is the most beautiful city in Quebec” as he says so well.

There is no shortage of projects and he makes sure to carry them out with a masterful hand. Mr. Pilote is proud of what is to come for this beautiful city. The delivery of the modernized Baie-Saint-Paul arena made him particularly nervous. Added to this are important discussions about the possibility of building a sports complex in the city. Something to thrill the former recreation manager, but also the entire Baie-Saint-Paul population. However, Mr. Pilote does not want to make the city the “Disneyland of tourism”. What matters is to preserve and improve the quality of life of the population and its visitors. The key lies in a responsible development of the city according to the mayor. The rest will take care of itself. With the region’s breathtaking landscapes and such a welcoming population, it can’t be any other way.

It is with his head in the clouds, but with both feet on the ground that he will continue to be inspired by Baie-Saint-Paul. In turn, he and his team will try to inspire people and achieve great things. The projects are going well, his agenda is filling up visibly, but one thing is certain: he will always have a place in his schedule to enjoy a good Charlevoix beer between friends. 

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